Documentary series2006 - 2008

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2006- 2008 [70 eps x 45’]
3rd National Channel [ΕΤ3]

Broadcasted by 3rd National Channel “Oxygen” is a breath of fresh air in Greek Television, presented by the experienced journalist Kostis Zafirakis. Kostis travels around Greece and meets interesting people: famous [artists, athletes, actors, politicians etc] or infamous personalities [shepherds, cooks, café owners, priests, farmers etc]. Through smart conversations and quick, playful directing “Oxygen” is a rough modern guide of how we can cope with the loads of information we deal with in our everyday life.


Host – Editor in chief: Kostis Zafirakis
Director: Vassilis Kehagias
Direction of photography: Thanos, Mizouris, Drakos Polychroniadis
«What is your ‘oxygen’?» watch here


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