Inland Itineraries - Dromologia Esoterikou


Informative Documentary


2004-2005 [36 episodes]
3rd National Channel [ΕΤ3]

Inland Itineraries was a weekly TV Show [dur: 90’]. The show presented in each episode socio-cultural aspects of one Greek prefecture through five 6-minute documentaries. Short documentaries were presented in the studio, set in the port of Thessaloniki. The journalist hosted two guests, who originated from the prefecture in subject [artists, athletes, writers etc] and together they discussed and talked about the presented short documentaries. The end of the show followed a 30-minute documentary [Greek independent production], whose subject concerned the prefecture in discussion. Inland Itineraries was a demanding project occupying six directors and more than thirty people for the production of each episode.


Host: Katerina Phillipou
Director (studio): Akis Kersanidis
Directors (on location): Akis Kersanidis, Thodoris Koutsoulis, Thodoris Kalesis, Vassilis Vassiliadis, Michalis Alexakis
Series Producer: Zenia Anastasiadou


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