I kouzina tis mamas / mamas cooking


Weekly travel & cooking show 2005-2009

chef on air-screenshot

2005 - 2006 [36 eps x 25’]
3rd National Channel [ΕΤ3]
2007 - 2009 [98 eps x 45’]- ALPHA
Mum’s Cooking is a weekly program [dur: 45’] presented by young performer and kitchen-addict Eftichis Bletsas. Eftichis travels around Greece and abroad searching for home-made traditional recipes. Each episode is set in a different Greek or foreign region and presents recipes prepared by local ladies or young people in their own kitchen –local cooks or chefs often give their own version of local specialties. The show promotes the notion that home-made food apart from being healthier is also fun to prepare! What made the show stand out were also Eftichis’ music compositions about food. He has been know as the “boy with the guitar”!


Director: Panos Papadopoulos, Vassilis Kehagias, Vassilis Vassiliadis, Kostas Georgakakis
Production manager: Zenia Anastasiadou
Editor in chief: Zenia Anastasiadou
Direction of photography: Drakos Polychroniadis\

Visit our website: www.mamakouzina.tv [Greek only]